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When the number of Internet users is increasing in tandem with the booming number of sites in the world, the demand to seek information through search engines is occupying a very high percentage, and is becoming a daily essential need of Internet users. When wishing to find information, users must enter a query using keywords and the machine will return compatible results with the needs of users looking for. The search engines have the classification criteria and arrangements for website rankings. There are a lot of information search engines on the Internet and the most popular are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Nowadays, Google is known as a search engine with the largest scale in the world. People use Google to search for the information they need in all areas. Example:

Easy to see that this is the Google search interface when I find keyword is a song name Fire Work which presented by a singer named Katy Perry. The first results for searching video are YouTube always. Have you ever wondered why? Because YouTube is the most popular website that attract more users to watch video clips? Correct. But of course, YouTube is not the only website to have that function. Dailymotion is also one of the popular sites like YouTube, but why it is not ranked first in Google's search results? The difference here is the method of increasing the ranking on search engines which has been known as an expertise concept named SEO.

SEO is the abbreviation of the phrase Search Engine Optimization. SEO work means that operational analysis methods and algorithms of search engines and use some simple tricks or complicated to improve the ranking of the website on a given keyword.

According to worldwide statistics in 2011, SEO services are invested by companies with the expense from businesses occupying excess proportion to other forms of marketing, even including Internet Marketing.

To properly understand how the work of SEO, we should understand the processes that determine the order on the search engines' result pages. Here, I use Google for example. Google uses over 200 criteria to determine the order of the pages in the search results and its algorithm is always a big secret. These factors can be classified into two groups: those elements within the website (content, structure) and external factors website (black link, accesses).

Understanding this, we will have a more correct view of the importance of SEO.

For the business enterprise on the Internet, the fight for top position in the ranking of search engines is extremely important. People are using search engines every day, and most only look at the first results in the result pages. So if a customer is looking for one of the productions you have, and you are unwittingly to be listed on the second page, there will be less likely customers visiting your site. But how can your website appear in the top results of Google with one keyword?

We all know that Google has one ads display service on the first page of search results, but we have to pay per click (PPC). That service called Google Adwords. This is a very good service to identify potential customers of the website. But let's do a simple calculation. You buy a keyword with the price $1 per click. In one day you get 200 clicks on that keyword, the amount you pay is $200. That is, each month you will have to spend $ 6,000 and $ 72,000 per year for the cost of advertising with this tool. However, are you sure that 200 clicks can bring you profit more than $200?

Thus, be display in the top websites of the search results page without too much cost actually a lot more attractive. And SEO will help you do that.

The benefits of SEO for business:

SEO brings a lot of benefits which if you are a website developer or investor should not ignore it. Some benefits can typically cite as:

  •         Saving costs: As I mentioned above, it is clear we can see the cost if we use the advertising services of search engines to achieve the purpose of the enterprise is completely not cheap. SEO was born to make that goal to be real and we can ignore the problem of cost. And Viet Solution is one of the professional SEO Company and reputable operation since 2007 with many years of experience in the field of Online Marketing. We are confident as a reliable partner can give you a good SEO service in Vietnam.
  •         Targeted at specific users: Compared to other forms of online advertising in the website as usual, you will not be able to control the potential users. By choosing the right keyword, on Google when someone searches the information about a product or service that they want to use, you will be extremely lucky to be displayed just the first page of results search. From there they will click your link and that person has 70% the opportunity to become your customers if you have good information about the products and services they need.
  •         Receive a massive access: Can you imagine how many people every day looking for key words such as "listen to music”, "buy cheap laptops" or "beautiful image"? And if you appear on the first page of the results for those keywords, sure you will get 99.99% opportunity to receive an access when someone is searching. And of course, the only thing you need to do is take care of your posts and optimization them to be friendlier with the search engines.
  •         Long-term benefits: If you use PPC advertising programs to promote your site on search engines, then you have to pay every day. Can you pay for it for 5 years, 10 years or your whole life? But once you have applied the SEO effectively into a website, your website is always on the top searches that you do not have to pay the costs to maintain it. Unless there is a rival SEO better than you.

On the Internet, search results are more powerful than your brand

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